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  Blue Morph: Surges of Nanocellular Transformations, Victoria Vesna & James Gimzewski

Blue Morph, Victoria Vesna & James Gimzewski

Contrary to many collaboration scenarios, James Gimzewski contacted Victoria Vesna with scientific findings that he thought could have artistic interests.  Their work Blue Morph started with a recording of the cellular transformations occurring during metamorphosis using laser.  The rhythm moves through various stages and with increasing intensity.  Simultaneously, Gimsweski collected a series of photos of the butterflies transforming which produces a blue colour.  The work juxtapositions the two recording of violent surges broken by silence and stillness.  

Victoria Vesna & James Gimzewski's presentation © c-lab 2007

Their talk was amusingly peppered with an element of jet lag.
Other References: Blue Morph Installation

Hanfsamen wrote on the 30 Jan 12, 07:27:
Greetings! Sehr hilfreiche Tipps zu diesem Artikel! Es sind die kleinen Veränderungen, die die größten Veränderungen zu machen. Thanks a lot für den Austausch!
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