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28 Mar-02 Apr 2005; Laura Cinti - 02 Feb 2012

The Biotech Art Workshop engaged in wet-exploration where artists could engage in basic biotechnological applications that included DNA extractions, plant/animal tissue culture and transformation processes.

biotech art workshop group photoGroup photo: Left to right: Jens Hauser, Verena Kaminarz, Franko B, Oron Catts, Brandon Ballengee, Laura Cinti, Sana Murrani, Tony Dunne, Jose Eugenio Marchesi, Antony Hall, Jane Prophet, Jenny Boulboulle, Andy Gracie, Simon Gould, Hege Tapio, Nicola Triscott, Ju Gosling, Jill Scott, Gary Cass, Anne Bean, Wim Delvoye, Paula Roush, Heather Barnett.Biotech Art Workshop, Kings College London, Photo: Arts Catalyst
Left: Jose Eugenio Marchesi, laura Cinti and Tony Dunne listening to Gary Cass. right: Franko B and Tony Dunne. Photo: The arts CatalystBiotech Art Wrokshop, Kings College London, photo: The Arts CatalystLeft: Brandon Balangee, Hege tapio and Jens hauser, right: Wim Delvoye. Photo: the Arts Catalyst Group  photo outside the lab
Group photo outside the labThe certifcate
The certifcate

Other References: C-LAB:event: BIOTECH ART WORKSHOP
The Arts Catalyst
Workshop Images - Nicola Triscott
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