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16 Nov 2010; Laura Cinti - 30 Jan 2012

Slade  School of Fine Art, UCL, London.  Photo: Dr Susan Collins

The UCL Digital Humanities Excursion to the Slade involved a series of presentations from artists/researchers at the Slade working with digital matter as part of their practice.    

Jon  Thomson presenting A Short Film About War.

Jon Thomson (Thomson & Craighead) presented two works created from live online data; one a 'narrative  documentary artwork' titled A Short Film About War and the other, London Wall, a 'poetic snapshot of social networking traffic'.  

Lilah Fowler showing her mirrored stainless steel sculptures, Power  of ten (2009) © c-lab 2010

Lilah Fowler showed images of her sculptures created using computer aided design (CAD) and rapid prototyping.

Martin John Callanan discussing A Planetary Order (2009)

Martin John Callanan presented his work, A Planetary Order (Terrestrial Cloud Globe), a sculpture depicting earth's cloud cover on precisely the 2 February 2009 at 0600 UTC.  This data was extracted from NASA and ESA's satellites, transformed into a 3D virtual model and built/printed as a model.

Kai Syng Tan and Dr Jamie O'Brien presenting their collaborative research

A video was presented by Kai Syng Tan on the online/offline realities of a hyperfictional character Kaidie.  This was followed by a presentation with Dr Jamie O'Brien discussing their collaborative research that aims to create mappings of online experiences or realities.

Brighid Lowe presenting

Brighid Lowe showed works utilising the information architecture of the internet as part of her installations. 

Simon Faithfull presenting his works Grand (2002) and Liverpool to Liverpool (2010)

Simon Faithfull presented his public artwork, Liverpool to Liverpool (2010), where  his palm pilot drawings - depicting aspects of a journey to Liverpool (UK) to Liverpool (Nova Scotia) - were permanently etched onto the pavements in Liverpool (UK).  He also showed  Grand (2002), a work that transcribed his palm pilot drawings onto a New York gallery's window using post-it notes.

Laura Cinti presenting Growthoscope and Nanomagnetic Experiments

Laura Cinti introduced her two works-in-progress exploring imperceptible aspects of plant behaviour.  The first, the Growthoscope (2008-), is an interactive installation that allows us to experience virtually, what we normally cannot, (plant) growth and the second that utilises nanotechnological interfaces towards the development of novel human-plant interactive artworks. 

Dr Susan Collins presenting Fenlandia

After showing works by Tim Head and Melanie Jackson, Dr Susan Collins presented her artworks that included Fenlandia (2004-5) and, more recently, Seascape (2009).  These works explores our perception of landscape and technology over time, where images are gradually generated using image data captured from webcams installed remotely at different coastal or landscape locations in UK.

Post presentation informal discussions

Other References: Slade School of Fine Art
Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art (SCEMFA)
UCL DH Digital Excursion at the SLADE Digital Matter Research Forum
UCL Centre for Digital Humanities
University College of London (UCL)
Jon Thomson (Thomson & Craighead)
Lilah Fowler
Martin John Callanan
Kai Syng Tan
Dr Jamie O’Brien
Brighid Lowe
Simon Faithful
Laura Cinti (c-lab)
Tim Head
Melanie Jackson
Dr Susan Collins
C-LAB:project: Growthoscope
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