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05 05-11 Aug 2007; Laura Cinti - 18 Aug 2007

Linking Art and Science © c-lab 2007 

Roche Continents is a partnership between Roche and the Salzburg Festival that joins students and post-doctorial researchers from the arts and sciences across Europe.  Questions like "how do science and art influence each other?" and "what are the links between innovation in music, arts and science?" are amongst the many explored during the course of the week that included concerts, talks, workshops, evening drinks and dining.

Getting into the Beat © c-lab 2007

Although the division between artists and scientists participating in this year included clearly more of the latter, many of the scientists had backgrounds in music practices and therein lay a natural link for discussions of creative processes.

Jurg Wyttenbach's talk and performance on Giacinto Scelsi © c-lab 2007 

Salzburg, often referred to as the heart of Europe, is of course a cultural centre for contemporary music, and this year’s festival focussed on the music of Giacinto Scelsi.  

Brainstorming Creativity © c-lab 2007

Discussions amongst us ensued on the diversity of the disciplines and lead to debates on the very notion of creativity and innovation.

Team 12 in action © c-lab 2007

As part of Team 12, we produced a creative moment named "Le Penseur" - a series of non-linear video compositions of our (micro) creative moments. 

Video Stills from

A notable difference between the art and science cultures points to the prominent issue of subjectivity that may create a schism between these two disciplines.  For scientists, the inclusion of subjectivity does not enhance the science rather the opposite, while for artists (though they may not use subjectivity per se) it’s embedded in its theories and practices.

Fine Drinking and Dining © c-lab 2007

The week was an excellent networking event with a busy program, discussions and laughs.  Many thanks to the organizers for putting together a spectacular event!  

Other References: Roche Continents
Salzburg Festival 2007
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Le Penseur

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