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04 04-14 Jan 2011; Laura Cinti - 02 May 2011

Private exhibition showcasing experimental artworks developed as part of Laura Cinti's PhD at UCL, Slade School of Fine Art in interdisciplinary capacity with Centre of Advanced Biomedical Imaging

This interdisciplinary art practice-related research focuses on the complexities in recognising plant behaviour by highlighting the discrepancies between our daily experiences of plants, where they appear passive, and contemporary scientific findings that reveal sensorial features. Historically, plants’ relative immobility and apparently insensate behaviour have marginalised their mode of being. The research provides a mapping of this problem and further establishes a theoretical body around plant visualisation strategies using various interfaces to reveal plants as perceptive.  It investigates whether our subjective experience can be consolidated with the sensorial image of plants emerging from the sciences.

video of magnetically actuated cress plants: In this experimental artwork superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles were utilised to induce interactive motion in plants. In the presence of a magnetic field, the magnetic nanoparticles inside the plants become magnetic and result in their movement towards the powerful magnets positioned nearby.
Fluorescent plants: fluorescent dye was used as a tool to visualise water conduction in plants.

chlorophyll experiment: Extracted chlorophyll in plants were exposed to UV light resulting in red fluorescence.
 Experiments running in preparation for exhibition, 4-12 January 2011.
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