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updated by Howard Boland - 07 May 2007

This experiment with tissue culture involves producing plants from plant tissue and growing it based at in a kitchen environment under proxy sterile conditions. Small sample of plant tissue were sterilized with dilute bleach and placed in baby jar containers containing a prepared agar type nutrient solution.

© c-lab 2004, gel solution heated in pressure cooker © c-lab 2004, tissue culture media
© c-lab 2004, plant tissue in sterilized dilute bleach solution © c-lab 2004, plant tissue in methylated spirits
© c-lab 2004, set tissue culture media © c-lab 2004, tweezers and chlorine solution in beaker
© c-lab 2004, plant tissue removed from bleach solution © c-lab 2004, plant tissue placed on petri dish in laminar flow chamber
© c-lab 2004, plant tissue cut up into smaller pieces on petri dish © c-lab 2004, smaller pieces of plant tissue placed in set tissue culture media
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