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updated by Laura Cinti - 05 Nov 2006

An audience is standing in a semicircle most of them looking at two large monitors that have been lowered into a large oval table. Between the screens there is a glass case that has been fitted with a computer. Lights are flashing from the inside, it is obviously working hard and something is about to happen. On top of the glass case a stand that looks reminiscent of an arm, firmly grabs a rather normal looking telephone apart from the two clearly visible wires plugged into it. The wires follow a straight path up from the telephone before they slant down behind the glass case where they are connected to the computer. There is just a low dial tone coming from the telephone. Small speakers fitted into the table are also giving off a dial tone. The screens turn black, before the right screen sets up a visual imagery of white dots positioned in two arrays apart from each other. The sound of a telephone dialling can be heard from the telephone and is echoed in the surrounding speakers. A number comes up on the bottom of the left screen, next to it a time counter appears. Suddenly there is a voice. The time is 12:45 am - Sunday.

-------------------- MACHINE calls first number
HUMAN: hello
-------------------- hangs up MACHINE calls next number
HUMAN #1: John Barns...
MACHINE: hello
HUMAN #1: This is John Barns
MACHINE: hello
HUMAN #1: Who am I talking to?
MACHINE: hello
HUMAN #1: Who is this?
MACHINE: hello
-------------------- hangs up MACHINE calls next number
HUMAN #2: Hiya
MACHINE: hello
HUMAN #2: Yes, who are you looking for?
MACHINE: hello
HUMAN #2: I am going to hang up now...
MACHINE: John Barns...
HUMAN #1: Who!?
MACHINE: Who am I talking to?
HUMAN #1: This is Kelly.
MACHINE: hello
HUMAN #1: What do you want?
MACHINE: This is John Barns
HUMAN #1: I think you’ve got the wrong number….
MACHINE: This is John Barns
-------------------- hangs up MACHINE calls next number

Other References:
artificial intelligence
neural networks
semantic structures
human-machine interaction
feedback loops
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