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Doctoral Thesis
12 Aug 2013; Howard Boland
Art from Synthetic Biology is a practice-based research investigating the use of bio or living matter (as normally explored by the biosciences) in art production. The research employs novel standardisation processes in synthetic biology to develop genetic characteristics in bacteria that can expand understanding of, and approaches to art-making using living materials (bio art). > read more
Leonardo Thinks
16 Sep 2011; Laura Cinti
Invited Leonardo Thinks opinion piece The Sensorial Invisibility of Plants. Rather than reconcile the two understandings of plants discussed in the essay with a broader spectrum of experiences, my findings show that we return to the Aristotelian position of plants. Although bio art as an 'interaction' engages with the aliveness of the medium, genetic manipulation, ethics, biological processes and creation of subjects, it is nonetheless still caught in the 'Aristotelian trap'. > read more
Doctoral Thesis
30 May 2011; Laura Cinti
The thesis, titled The Sensorial Invisibility of Plants: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry through Bio Art and Plant Neurobiology, is an interdisciplinary art practice-related research that focuses on the complexities in recognising plant behaviour. It explores the contradistinction between scientific studies that reveal cognitive capacities in plants and our subjective perceptions where plants appear motionless and devoid of sensation. > read more
15 Mar 2011; Laura Cinti
The Mexico Project - An Ecological Invasion centres upon discourses of bio-invasion, landscaping with genetics, borders of belonging and bio-pollution. The performance involved a journey and two transplantations to explore genetically altered organisms' interaction with our culture and ecosystem. > read more
20 Feb 2009; Laura Cinti
The Martian Rose: This artwork explores extreme environments and life beyond terrestrial settings. Using a planetary simulation chamber, a rose was exposed to Martian environment for six hours at the Mars Simulation Laboratory, University of Aarhus, Denmark. > read more
15 Feb 2009; Laura Cinti
The Sensorial Invisibility of Plants focuses on the intimate interactions between ourselves and plants utilising various strategies to counteract the obstacles of time and movement, revealing in the process plants' responses to our interaction with them. > read more
12 Dec 2008; Laura Cinti
The Martian Rose, Exposing Roses to Martian Atmosphere: Mars is a cold place with plummeting temperatures from -60°C down to -130°C, the atmospheric pressure is only a hundredths of earth's, much lower than on Mount Everest, the prevalent gas is carbon dioxide and UV light penetrates an unshielded atmosphere. The installation carries the romantic and destructive idea of giving a rose to Mars. Using a planetary simulation chamber the exhibited rose has been exposed to Martian Environment for 6 hours at the Mars Simulation Laboratory in Denmark. > read more
12 Dec 2007; Laura Cinti
The Martian Rose: The red planet remains a frontier for life through its history both as a cultural and scientific space. Our engagement attempts to open artistic areas in primarily scientific spaces and to address cultural aspects and experiences that also take place. The Martian Rose is an artistic investigation into boundary conditions of life beyond terrestrial settings. > read more
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